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Polyester is a specific material that used extensively in clothing.

Buildings from old time still contains large amount of asbestos

And if we find older buildings damaged, we should wear protection gear if we must have to enter there. We should not take any chance that might cause us to suffer the whole life. We shouldn't use products that contain asbestos in outer layer. Polyester DTY This acts as an insulator and the most awesome thing about asbestos fiber is it never burns. If we inhale asbestos a big amount it causes inflammation or infection in lungs. So, these tiny particles of asbestos fibre enter our body and stuck in lungs. Let me explain, why it is harmful. So, many countries are banning the excessive or outer layer use of asbestos fibre. That is why asbestos fibre is used in around two thousands commercial products. Sometime one shot of inhaling asbestos is all it takes. Asbestosis makes very hard to breathe, also may develop pleural plaques. They were considered as miracle fibbers in ancient China and Persian civilization, because of their special capabilities. So, we must have to be careful. Another bad news is that it is almost impossible to recognize asbestos particles in air with bare eye. It can also cause serious damage to throat or any organ inside if there is a chance that it was eaten accidently. Asbestos is not harmful when it is not exposed. Special analytic test have to be done to proof the exposure. So, only slaves were used to do asbestos related works. Even in ancient civilizations it was seen that asbestos workers have lived relatively shorter. Asbestos was very much used in buildings because of its fire proof feature. Asbestos can also cause lung cancer or mesothelioma. . These fibres are very strong and crystalline yet flexible. But, in 1970 it was very strongly found that asbestos exposure can make environment serious hazardous for human being. Asbestos fibres are long, thin and crystalline. That causes asbestosis. It is almost like break down of a glass, though glass doesn't exposes to air.Asbestos is a mineral that can be found within nature in six different natural formations. When this thin and strong fibre somehow suffers damage, its tiny particles exposes to air. It is almost fire proof. But there is always a chance that it can suffer damage and exposes to air. Our body is not a tool to fool around. But, buildings from old time still contains large amount of asbestos. The structure of asbestos can be disoriented into fibres.

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